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Cycling from Thessaloniki to the whole world

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What has BrainBox SA done – What are the next steps

Using a bicycle for transportation is gaining more and more fans in the European cities both among the residents and the visitors. Thessaloniki is no exception and this has allowed BrainBox SA to deal with the specific market in the last decade, innovate and eventually expand its activity across other Greek cities as well. In 2008 the company successfully launched the EasyBike system and is now taking the next step. From sharing classic-style bikes with automated rental, it goes to the electrically-assisted e-bike, which is self-contained and completely controlled by a smartphone, as long as the user has downloaded the application and has registered for easybike. BrainBox has already placed 900 e-bikes in total by the end of the first half of 2018 in Thessaloniki, Athens and Rethymno, 300 in each city. The goal is that by the end of the year these new electrically-assisted bikes will have reached the number of 3,000.

Brainbox’s new proposal for the development of sustainable mobility with the use of the greenest mode of transportation, the bicycle, and the use of GPS (tracking) and GPRS (security) systems and also the e-bike itself were presented at CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas) at a special event for the promotion of technologies that contribute to the development of the tourism product.
The white-yellow bike is designed and controlled under BrainBox’s software and systems and it is manufactured in China. E-bike is locked and unlocked via the smartphone, and it is secure once the payment is made by the user electronically, so it is protected against theft. For this reason, it is not necessary to park bicycles in a controlled area, and because it is equipped with a tracking system, the user can either collect it or leave it wherever it is convenient for him in the city or the area where it was rented, and not necessarily at a bicycle parking station. The e-bike, which easily climbs an uphill slope, carries a battery with a lifespan of 100 km and the capacity for 140 loads. The user of the bicycle or the administrator does not have to charge the battery as the company promotes a battery exchange system, which means that exhausted batteries are exchanged with charged ones. Moreover, with the e-bike, the cyclist will not worry about a flat tyre or the tyre pressure, as the tyres are solid with no tubes. According to the administration of BrainBox, the communal e-bike is ideal for municipalities near the coast and hotels that want to offer their customers a friendly and enjoyable way of travelling, combining exercise with relaxing transportation.
It is worth noting that BrainBox has up to now 3,500 classic-style bicycles in the EasyBike system in 36 cities in Greece and 6 abroad. The company, which first launched with the EasyBike system in 2008, has exported its system to Eindhoven, Nicosia, Montpellier, Krakow, Levanger (Norway) and Istanbul.
Brainbox, with EasyBike, has entered successfully markets where cycling and eco-friendly modes of transport have a lot of punch, as do the systems that support them, something that is expected to happen with the e-bike as well.

Thessaloniki as an ideal innovation friendly destination to live and invest.

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The USA is focusing on the Greek technology and innovation market

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Technology and innovation are the hallmarks of the USA participation as the honoured country at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) from 8 to 16 September 2018. More than 30 major US companies will participate in the pavilion of the country, while on the occasion of the exhibition, Mr. Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce of the Trump administration, will be visiting Thessaloniki. By participating as the honoured country at this year’s TIF, the USA is seeking to feature Greece and Thessaloniki as the centre of developments in the wider region, while creating at the same time development opportunities for the country.

As the President of the Greek-American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Simos Anastasopoulos, points out, the aim is to create perspectives for cooperation in technology and innovation, two areas in which the USA is distinguished and is the world’s leading. The interest in investment in Greece, where US companies are already dynamic, especially in the technology sector, is very large and mainly in energy, tourism, real estate and logistics, areas with potential that exceeds the country’s risk.

40 companies

The US participation at the 83rd TIF will ‘‘occupy’’ No. 13 Pavilion, the largest of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre. Around 40 companies, which are active in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, green environmental technologies, aeronautics, information technology and communications, will be hosted in this venue. Among the companies involved are Lockheed Martin, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Cisco. The orientation of the Pavilion favours the interactive presentations, so that everyone understands how technology and innovation play a key role in development. That is why, in addition to the exhibition stands of the companies, there will be a central venue for events, discussions, artistic happenings as well as a separate seminar room. The US participation in this year’s TIF will be enriched with parallel events. The agenda includes the Energy Forum for the South-Eastern Europe, the round-table discussion with the participation of Secretary Ross and CEOs of multinational companies, as well as the Transatlantic Cooperation Conference in which representatives of regional American chambers will participate. There will also be a forum for cybersecurity as well as a debate on attracting investment in Southeastern Europe.

It is noteworthy that on the occasion of the presence of the USA at No.13 Pavilion , the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Policy and the TIF – Helexpo are organizing the group participation of start ups at No. 12 Pavilion in order to demonstrate the Greek dynamics in this critical area of the modern economy. Besides, in Greece – and particularly in Thessaloniki where the Alexander Innovation Zone is based – many start-up companies operate, the scope of which far exceeds the borders of the country.

Thessaloniki is becoming the design centre in the Southeast Europe

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The Hellenic Design Centre, a centre created by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the support of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, began operating in Thessaloniki in the first months of 2018. This is an initiative that aims at harnessing the potential of a branch which is closely united with innovation and is of great magnitude in Europe. According to the European Commission, design has significant economic and cultural value for Europe, since 12 million people work in the creative and cultural industries of our continent. These industries have a production that accounts for 4.2% of the EU’s GDP, while more than 400.000 designers are employed. The Hellenic Design Centre, whose scope is expected to soon cover Greece and, more broadly, Southeastern Europe, is ready to offer its services to enterprises – mostly to small and medium-sized ones and start-ups – but also to collaborate with other organisations to promote first-priority issues in a creative manner initially for Thessaloniki. Its first activities include workshops on three themes: the original design clinic concept, the special services for six-month start-ups and the design challenge which at an initial stage starts urban interventions with a special reference to tourism. Design is neither fashion nor aesthetics for the European Union. It is something much more than this, it is of economic and business importance. It is the design that should be integrated into innovative products, services and processes for the sake of private companies that are strong in the global competition as well as efficient public bodies. Based on these facts, the EU has included design into its policies, beginning with its first action plan in 2013. Since progress is flowing and perceptions change rapidly, it is obvious that the design driven innovation becomes a catalyst for innovative changes in industry, services and the public sector.

In the context of new trends and the new European industrial policy, the EU is planning four axes of design intervention:

– The boosting of the European Industry Days every February.

– The opening of a regular communication between the creative and cultural sectors.

– The utilisation of design as a creative stimulus for innovation in the economy but also for the development of skills by human resources.

-The availability of resources that will be directed through new programs to businesses and operators.

The innovation at the cutting edge of the activities of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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The hybrid robot programming platform for children and adults of the CubesCoding Team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, RoboTiles, won the first place in the 8th ‘‘Innovation & Technology’’ Competition of the National Bank of Greece.

This is the world’s first hybrid programming platform, which children aged 3 years and over but also experienced developers can make good use of and collaborate with the ultimate goal of teaching children and adult beginners computer coding by playing with physical objects, educational robots and graphical environments. Thus, the platform is the ideal solution for parents, schools and educational institutions. On the occasion of this very important distinction, CubesCoding secured its participation in the Reload Greece Challenge 18, which will be held in London from 26 June to 6 July, in order to present RoboTiles to investors.

The spin-off company of the AUTH, Cyclopt, has excelled in the same competition for its innovative solutions that contribute to the evaluation and improvement of the software quality through continuous and holistic monitoring of the quality characteristics based on the ISO/IEC 25010 model. The goal is to produce better software with the lowest cost and the least effort.

A total of 361 proposals were submitted to the 8th ‘‘Innovation & Technology’’ Competition of the National Bank, which launched in June 2017, and was completed on 24 May 2018 after three successive evaluation phases. The evaluation of the proposals was carried out in cooperation with professors from nine universities and key criteria for innovation, sustainability, implementation stage and the purpose for which it is created.

It is worth mentioning that the two specific teams of the AUTH have also distinguished themselves in the 10th ‘‘Ennovation 2017’’ Competition organized by the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin) of the Athens University of Economics and Business in December 2017, where Cyclopt won the 2nd Award and RoboTiles the 3rd Award in the ‘’Research’’ Category.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki actively supports the Thessaloniki innovation friendly destination initiative and holds a BoD position at Thessaloniki Innovation Zone.

Women Techmakers Greece invites President of AZK Pantelis Angelidis

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Women Techmakers is an organization which provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology to drive innovation and participation in the field. Women Techmakers events are designed to promote an environment of inclusivity for women in technology, as well as celebrate women leading the industry. Their main target is to advance, grow and celebrate women developers, designers, and technology entrepreneurs.

Dr. Pantelis Angelidis, President of Thessaloniki Innovation Zone participates as an invited guest in the IWD | Women Techmakers Greece Summit 2018. He is about to share his views on how differences of gender gap can close. Another part of his speech will be how young females can bring a step closer to the Innovation & Technology Industry.

The event will take place on Monday, 19 of March, 15:00-21:00 at ΔΕΘ Helexpo|Emilios Riadis.

More Information about Women Techmakers Greece
The percentage of women holding technological or leadership positions in the technology industry does not exceed 25% so several giant corporations and organizations support women with various programs.

The Women Techmakers program is being implemented in over 52 countries and 300 cities and provide these women with the opportunity to promote their work, access to a global community, learn through various actions to engage more in technology and innovation.

“Women Techmakers” (WTM) is a global initiative of Google for women developers, engineers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs in the field of technology.

Mission, Values, Vision
Women Techmakers mission is to raise awareness of gender equality & diversity issues in STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) through the power of example. They create an open environment where challenges can be understood and means to overcome them will be provided.

Their actions will follow this mission. This is what their events shall provide for. And this is how they will judge their activities to see if they were successful or not.

It’s not only about numbers of attendees, although a wider reach is a benefit. It’s about sending the right message to the right people, about strengthening allies and to develop strategies for improvements.

Women Techmakers Greece think that change has to come in the minds of everyone, irrespective of gender. Their events shall continue to be open to attendees of any gender and age persons.

Their values are Respect, Trust, Fairness, Embrace Differences, Sharing & Supporting, Improvement.

Finally, their vision is Equality and diversity in STEM regardless of gender.


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In the modern economic environment, competitiveness relies upon the development of innovative products.

Knowledge combined with the right technological tools are key in developing innovative products & services. Knowledge of such tools is found in industrial bodies (ΙCΤ & other industries) and research organisations (Universities & Research Centres). That’s why, their collaboration is crucial for coming up with cutting-edge ideas of international potential and perspective.

In this context, 20 bodies from across Greece have joined forces to organize a series of congresses under the name “Technology Forum”

In the 5th Technology forum ( the following institutions are proudly participating:


  • Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece (SEPVE)
  • PRAXI Network (PN)
  • Greek International Business Association (SEVE)
  • Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters Network (ICT-BBS)
  • Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (SΒΒE)


  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)
  • Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)
  • University of Macedonia (UoM)
  • Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH)
  • International Hellenic University (IHU)


  • Region of Central Macedonia (RCM)
  • General Secretariat for Research & Technology (GSRT)
  • Alexander Innovation Zone (AIZ)
  • Greek Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media (MDPTM)
  • Enterprise Greece (EG)
  • Ministry of Interior/Macedonia-Thrace (MIMT)
  • Thessaloniki Municipality (TM)
  • Thessaloniki Tourism Organization (TTO)


  • Hellenic Management Association (EEDE)
  • Greek Computer Society (EPY)
  • People, citizens, students invited to the Technology Forum


The 5th Technology Forum will take place in May 16th, from 09:00 to 19:00 at the Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center, Thessaloniki, Greece.

For more information see the official ANNOUNCEMENT

2nd Digital Health Thessaloniki

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An upcoming meeting “Digital Health Thessaloniki” will take place on Monday 23/10 from 19: 00h-21: 00h, at Ok! Thess, Thessaloniki.

Its purpose is to bring together a cross-disciplinary community in Thessaloniki that will be comprised of researchers, developers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, patients, engineers and others interested in Digital Health.

Our group will connect industry with academia in healthcare to share ideas, establish global collaborations and promote all things related to digital health within Thessaloniki.

You can find the agenda of the meeting here.

Thessaloniki Innovation Zone to “Thessaloniki Summit 2017’’

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Thessaloniki Innovation Zone invites you to “Thessaloniki Summit 2017’’ in the session “Innovation Funding” on Friday 6 October at 13:00 in the conference room Ioannis Vellidis.

Marina Hatsopoulos, entrepreneur and investor and Walter Stechel, General Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Thessaloniki will share with us their experience, and afterwards a dialogue will follow in a round table with fund-experts!




Moderator Pantelis Angelidis, President, Alexander Innovation Zone


Introductory remarks

The role of policy making and international cooperation

Walter Stechel, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Thessaloniki


Funding dos and dont’s

Marina Hatsopoulos, Entrepreneur, Investor


Ioannis Papadopoulos, Chairman of the Hellenic Venture Capital Association

George Karantonis, General Partner, Metavallon Fund

Nikolas Takas, Vice President, Thermi Ventures SA

Lazaros Papadopoulos, Founder, Athlenda SA





Confirm your registration here

Those who will attend in the Innovation Zone’s session, would have free access in the rest sessions of the summit.

It is necessary to register for access to the Summit by completing the following form and sending it to

Thessaloniki Innovation Friendly Destination To Re:Publica 17

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For the first time in Thessaloniki, 11-13 of September, is presented the conference that connects hackers, bloggers, scientists, entrepreneurs and NGOs in Europe.

In this event, Thessaloniki Innovation Zone would have an important session on Tuesday 12/09 at 15:00 and we will discuss about success stories of the startups: Athlenda, Thessaloniki Innovation Friendly Destination, Baresquare, Chimar Hellas S.A. and Fieldscale about how they “survived” until their success.

Come and talk about the entrepreneurship activities of our city and interac.

The event will take place in Warehouse 1, at the Port. # Zoni2Republica.

Would you miss it?

Buy tickets 


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On November 10th and 11th, the French Embassy is organizing the second French-Greek network of innovation forum in Athens: MAZINNOV. It will be an opportunity to listen to and meet major French and Greek innovators, to participate in the Mazinnov programs dedicated to innovators: ADOPT a STARTUP, IMAGINE THE GREECE OF TOMORROW … Follow us on Facebook @MAZINNOV and on our website: And apply using the attached form.

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