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Energy Efficiency Software and Hardware Solutions.

  • Founded in Thessaloniki in 2015, directed to revolutionize the energy management industry
  • Specialized in offering Energy Efficiency solutions and tools for private and public buildings with totally personalized customer service
  • Delivers advanced and innovative tools covering functionalities in the energy efficiency domain:
    • Intelligent Home and Building Monitoring
    • Occupancy Counters
    • Control and Facility Management
    • Energy Analytics
    • Building Energy Performance Tools (during the commissioning phase of buildings)


Location: Thessaloniki @TIZ


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Reduce engineering time and run impossible simulations.

  • Founded in 2015 in Thessaloniki
  • Launches innovative touchscreen design tool, Sense
  • Develops More Simulation Tools and Raises a Seed Round of €550K
  • Seal of Excellence for Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Project Proposal
  • Fieldscale at IIoT Symposium


Location: Thessaloniki @TIZ


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A team with a vision to change the way social video is used in ecommerce.

  • Goodvidio was co-founded by 2 computer scientists and software engineers in Thessaloniki
  • Within less than a year they launched a private beta program that is used by major retailers and brands across the world
  • Offers the easiest and most effective way to enhance ecommerce pages with engaging product description videos curated from social video platforms
  • Video content discovery, curation, analytics, A/B testing and optimization, in one service


Location: Thessaloniki @TIZ


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Customer-oriented approach in environmental services and software applications to meet any need.

  • February 2008/ A spin-off of the Aristotle’s University Thessaloniki
  • Specializes in emission inventorying, emission modelling and impact assessment studies of environmental policies
  • 30-year long research and scientific experience of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics (UNECE, UNFCCC)


Location: Thessaloniki @TIZ


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Web Analytics Delivery Software

Euroleague Basketball is pleased to announce its collaboration with digital analytics company baresquare to deliver behavioural insight and evaluate online activity during the 2015-16 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague season as well as the 2016 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four held in Berlin, Germany.”

Location: Thessaloniki @TIZ


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Embedded Software Solutions

Why Greece

  • Cost-optimized access to highly skilled personnel
  • EU membership status
  • Lower cost compared to northern European countries
  • Only one hour time difference with central Europe

Why Thessaloniki

  • The second biggest metropolitan area of Greece
  • Aristotle university of Thessaloniki
  • Lower cost compared to Athens
  • Comfortable airport connection to Europe

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Founded: 2014

Specialties: Embedded Software, Control & Automation Software, Test Automation on HiL Systems




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Development and application of  software tools for automotive after treatment systems simulations.

  • A spin-off company of Aristotle University Thessaloniki
  • 20-years experimental & simulation experience of LAT
  • Its software platform axisuite® is the preferred simulation product for major automotive OEMs and suppliers 
  • High-quality engineering services and consulting services in the area of exhaust emissions control
  • Offers continuous technical support, maintenance and upgrading, and possibilities for customization to the specific customer needs and undertaking of complete simulation case studies


Location: Pilea, Thessaloniki @TIZ


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Automates and optimizes data-driven retail business processes with best-in-class software and services

  • Founded in 2004
  • The global market leader for the Oracle Retail Planning platform
  • Ex-Oracle (Retek) employees
  • Highly respected retail and technology specialists
  • Business consultants, technical specialists and scientists based in North America, Europe and Russia


Location: Kalamaria, Thessaloniki @TIZ

C Solutions

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Materials testing, assaying, analyzing and inspection services

  • Pilot plant & analytical services / Oil Refining industry.
  • Over 200 ULSD successfully completed projects since 2001
  • Covers more than 25 companies, including Oil Majors and Cataryst vendors
  • Current pilot plant capabilities cover the areas of Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking


Location: Thermi, Thessaloniki @TIZ